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Emotionally Connect With Your Customers & Their Company

Have you ever had an interaction with somebody and then suddenly felt really good about what they're saying or felt compelled and pulled towards them for some reason? It's usually because they're emotionally connecting with you (possibly subconsciously), and that emotional connection is because they're reinforcing similarities between their thoughts or values and your thoughts or values, this creates an alignment between people. Your ability to emotionally connect with the company that you're about to try and pull towards you and close is going to give you the ability to close that sale very, very easily.

By comparison to your competition, you're going to outsell your competition. If you start to focus on where you can emotionally connect with them. This is a key element that's going to reinforce all of your business in the future and more importantly, make it even more fun (because selling's got to be fun!) to dig even deeper to understand who they are. Everybody in today's world wants to know more about who they're going to do business with and you are a client, obviously for some people and they're a client for you. When you're pulling someone to become a client of yours, you want to make sure that they feel good about who you are. If you don't know who you are, how can you communicate that? The number one thing to figure out is, what are your company values and principles?

Identify. Go back to your live training, go back to your website, but dig deeply and get a better understanding of your company values and principles. Take that information absorb into your blood, articulate and communicate in a way in which nobody else can.

When you have ownership of your own company values and principles and you can articulate them, then there's power in that. Values and principles equate to culture and culture is a big buzzword that I don't think it's ever going to go away. People want to know more and more due to the corporate scandals, self absorption and dog eat dog competition. Who am I going to do business with and who are they? Dig Deeper to get a better understanding of who they are, have they always been who they say they are or are they saying they are one thing but their actions don't represent that once you signed the line and you become one of their clients. You want to be in a situation where you're reinforcing what your values and principles are, so learn them by heart, absorb them, own them, go to your boss, go to the owner, go to the training material, dig deeply into what your values and principles are of the company that you're representing. Once you've done that, then you can start to communicate it and more importantly, you can start to identify where your company's principles and values align with the clients that you're trying to attract to you. That's the key element. It's alignment. That's where one person feels good about the other because there's a match between the values of one and the values of the other. Dig deeply into what your clients values and principles are, so you can know what is important to them. Then articulate it to your client, make them aware that we know what is important to them. You've researched their website, asked questions and we, in our mind, have a good understanding of what the values and principles are of the company that we're trying to pull towards us and we're trying to get commitment from. When you can do that, it's going to be a key element towards the client. They are going to think, wow, they've done their research here. They feel even more heard because you're showing more interest in them because you've gone and got a better understanding of what their values and principles are. That's a key element towards attracting people towards you. When you want to explode that key element match your values and principles to their values and principles so you are showing all your similarities in your beliefs as a company.

The average salesperson does not tie the similarities together, it's one thing to find out what is important to them, it's another to tie your beliefs in with theirs to make them feel comfortable about doing business with you. That is what the professional salesperson is doing. When you get to the professional salesperson that's earning all the money and closing all the deals, they are taking the main values of the customer (only a few, one or two) to show them how they align with yours.

That's good communication and more importantly it's professional selling. It reinforces a comfort level to the person that you're interacting with. They will feel good about the situation they are in, and it will start to create a platform of trust because you're reinforcing the similarities between you and your client, then you can start to talk about everything else (at this point you havent event discussed your product in full detail). That's how powerful this is. You have to start doing this to start selling more, people are conscious of who they are doing business with, make them feel comfortable! Start selling more, start communicating better and more importantly, start aligning with the culture of the company that you're going to try and pull towards you. You do this and you will start to close more sales in the future. Move yourself to the next level.

Good selling.

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