Get Your Companies Focus Back on Track!

Take a second to slow down and think…. Think about why you created the company you did, or why you joined the company you did. What was the companies main focus? Write down your original focus somewhere. Sit back and now think, what is my current focus? Write it down next to your original focus. Does it line up with your original focus for the company? If it does, you are right on track! But for many, this focus has shifted from a Go-Giver to a Go-Taker. A much needed shift in focus: A small office-seating manufacturer was losing money and just seen its largest decline in annual revenue. The company had experienced slow growth during the good economy but was hit hard after two massive econom

Hungry for Success? – Why the young sales recruits will out perform you

Hungry for Success. Motivated. Enthusiastic. Energy. Eager to Learn. All words to describe the new recruits or “sales rookies” about to join your team. (Especially if they have been trained by the sales pro!) I’m always fascinated by these sales rookies, their curiosity is opposite to the majority of tenured sales people who seem happy with their average sales performance and content with the sales standard they are achieving. The questions constantly being asked by the rookie to the top sales pros are; “how long did it take you to get to the top” and “what can you tell me to help me get there too!” It’s as though they are looking for a short cut or sprinkle dust that that will magically inc

How Tag-Along Questions will Get you the Sale

How do you get the most information out of a single question? Ask a Tag-Along question! A professional sales person always understands that the right question said in the right way and at the right time, will open up a sale or move an opportunity forward that the average performer would have completely missed. How does the Professional Sales Person do that? Rookie mistake! What not to do: Interrogate The average sales performer will start a conversation with a client and they may have seven or eight questions that they want to ask. They’ll ask those seven or eight questions, and walk out with the information they received. It’s been more of an interrogation than it has a conversation! How a

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