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"Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your trademark."

Client Results that Create our Trademark


Michele Ruiz, Biassync


"When I brought in Paul and his company, we were at zero revenue because we literally just launched a new product into the marketplace and we didn't know what to expect, but obviously as a CEO and a co-founder, I had revenue goals, I had sales goals. I had individuals on my sales team who had never been sales professionals before, but they had the right kinds of connections, to the right kinds of buyers and client profiles that we knew would be the decision makers, or certainly the influencers in a contract process of our offering. And then I had mixed into that group individuals who did have some consultative sales experience, but what was common about them all was, how do we talk about our value, how do we talk about our unique value proposition? And so, I engaged Paul to essentially work with training our team to get them prepared to go sell out in the marketplace. We didn't really know a lot about how customers, which we saw as very large corporations and government agencies, were going to receive our products. There was a lot of fluidity as we got feedback and learned in those early stages, you know, when you launch something new, so I brought Paul in to be an integral part of the sales processes. We were still learning a lot of things, what were the objections that we hadn't thought about? And then how do we move individuals who had never been sales professionals, but cared about our product and our solution, what we solve, so much that we could teach them the skills, to sell and to close, and use their own, authenticity and personality as part of that process. And, in that first full year of sales we hit our sales goal right on the money. And I believe that a large part of that was because of the skills that Paul was able to teach and coach our sales professionals through. When you consider that our clients are very large organizations, In some instances, large multinationals, federal agencies, law enforcement, healthcare, very sophisticated buyers and our solution touches their employees, their most prized asset, and the fact that we were able to achieve our year one sales objectives, having started with zero revenue because we were a new company and we had just launched a new product into the workplace, that is a pretty extraordinary outcome.


You know, one of the reasons I brought Paul into work now with two of my companies, is because he really understands sales, because he himself was in sales and then led a sales organization. This is not an individual who, you know, is coaching on something he doesn't have experience with, right. There are a lot of, closet coaches out there and, you know you even see them in the entrepreneurial space where their entire entrepreneurial experience is simply coaching entrepreneurs, but they've never started a business. They've never had a business. They've never met the challenges. That's why I call them closet coaches. So, when you look at Paul and you understand that he's been a sales professional, he's been responsible for top line revenue. He's been at it and has achieved and exceeded sales goals. That's part of, I think the value of what he brings to this process.

If your philosophy is that your sales organization is really providing value to your clients, helping them solve a very important need, or problem or a challenge. And you view your sales organization as really being positioned as partners with your clients, your customers, he is the right sales coach and sales training organization. And there's a lot there in his approach about providing value, and very simplistically. And to me, that's a very consultative type sales approach, and that is what Paul really excels at. If you're focused on a consultative sales approach and not pitchy, not salesy, but more selling authentically, providing high value, seeing yourselves as partner with your clients and customers, then I have no hesitation in recommending Paul." 

Midwestern Insurance Alliance

Jeremiah Howard, Midwestern Insurance Alliance


"We decided that we wanted to bring somebody in to really help with culture, and overall connection, maybe just a different way to think about our business, to think about our customer and create the kind of culture shift that reinforces continuous improvement. We wanted to bring our team to the next level. Well, one of our underwriters caught me as we were leaving after the first day of training, and he said, I've been in this business for thirty years and I learned more today than I have over those thirty years. Paul’s training got our group energized into really a different way to think, you know, coming at problems differently, thinking about projects differently. What Applied Excellence is done is allowed us to come to opportunities, challenges with a new way of thinking, it has given us a, a kind of a different roadmap. We don't go back habitually to what we've always done at every meeting. What Paul does is he takes a challenge or problem and says, these are the steps that can allow you to become better and they're not rules, they're just guidelines, methodologies. And so, he puts a playbook, around being successful, working on ideas that re-engage our customers, a focus on providing value to our customers, more about what we can do for them instead of what they can do for us. I laugh because I was brought up Catholic, but, you know, people at the office say, what would Paul do? Hey, remember Paul's teachings. The piece that I find important is that I think it makes all the individuals that work with Applied Excellence better, Applied Excellence was more than just the business, it provided personal life insights which benefited our managers and employees. I personally have gotten a lot of value out of their online platform too. I go to it when I'm challenged with a problem. We continue to push it out to our employees and say, you know, when you have a little bit of time read, read one of the sections, listen to the video and reinforce one of those learnings. Applied excellence has allowed us to think differently and I would give a hundred percent that your company is going to be better off, from a growth standpoint or whatever you're trying to do I think applied excellence will help you get there."

Baker Electric Home Energy

Ian Lochore, Baker Electric Home Energy

The attraction that we had to Paul was almost immediate because it wasn't a simple, here are five closing methods, or follow up more, or get more referrals or what are you doing from a budgeting standpoint? He had more of a holistic approach. Immediately Paul had the ability to work with us from a companywide or from a cultural standpoint, with more of an emphasis on reinvigoration and enthusiasm, and our overall approach ethos rather than a quick fix or techniques. Our decision to hire Paul was a yes, yes, yes. Which is unusual dealing with three very different personalities and at that point we had a lot of conflict on three people making a decision, but with Paul it was a yes, yes, yes. He has worked with us by understanding the unique value that we have. He gets it, he gets what we're trying to do, what we're trying to bring. Paul understood our culture early on, he got it, he grasped it one hundred percent. He helped strengthen that within the team and not just within the team, but we are looking to work with him in other parts of the company now, and that key understanding of the culture will be part of it. We see Applied Excellence, and especially Paul as a partner, we don't see him as a sales trainer that is pigeonholed, he is a true partner to us.  Paul has been one of the factors that has enabled us to have year on year growth with the same group of consultants doing the same job that has become and more complex, yet helping us to continually motivate, keep the balance, right. Keep the focus on the customer, and then the end result of the sales numbers. It's not just traditional sales training, he's training on an ethos which really helps the sales team, but broader than that it will help anybody that’s dealing with a customer. He's fun, he's energetic, but he's always working to the end goal.  Fun, positive outcome driven. The biggest positive working with Paul would be the fact that it's a true partnership, by that, I mean, we're hiring him to increase sales, increase close rate, all the deliverables, yet to do it in the way that we're comfortable with, from an ethos, from a culture, he has grasped that, he's now telling us, and our goals are aligned. He delivers the deliverable but does it in a way that is also helping culture, and overall employee satisfaction as well.


Baker Electric Home Energy

Steve Brooke, Baker Electric Home Energy

Paul and Applied Excellence came in with a different approach. We felt that we were getting stale with some of the other training techniques. Paul was able to take what truly the culture of our company is and put that into every single sales consultant Pitchbook, if you will, to provide that elevated value experience to the homeowner.  He has the presence and the energy, and he cares and that comes across, and that energy is infectious. He has helped us better understand how to build the proper rapport and gain the trust with each of our homeowners, He definitely delivers more in value than he takes in payment. I would encourage anybody that's looking for a sales trainer, a coach, a mentor to look into Paul Anderson and Applied Excellence.

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