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Authentic influence is CRITICAL to your SUCCESS [EXERCISE INCLUDED]

Authentic influence is CRITICAL to your SUCCESS.

It will help you connect to people and clients in both your personal and professional life. You will always be outsold, not picked for the job, cold calling for the rest of your career if you do not learn how to be YOU.

Why's that?

Regardless of your product or service, people will go with the person/company that they trust the most. Some people are very good and pretending to be someone they are not, but they will find out that this will not be a long-term solution. People are aware of FAKE, people get a feeling of who you are whether you are on the phone, in person or even just emailing them.

3% of buyers trust reps... (Hubspot)


In this highly competitive world, only 3% of buyers trust their reps. Imagine if you knew how to create authentic influence and pull your customers towards you and create trust FASTER than ever before...


And better yet, you wouldn't have to compete on price! Imagine a world where you have customers calling YOU, bringing YOU referrals, higher margins, lower discounts... I could go on...

  • 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience

  • 73% of buyers point to customer experience as an important factor in purchasing decisions

  • 65% of buyers find a positive experience with a brand to be more influential than great advertising

  • Plus, a Walker study found that by the year 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.


Authentic Influence is client connection through personal and company congruency, focusing on adaption, not adoption. Define your thinking, realize and communicate your true value to enable a deeper and more loyal connection to your client.

! Check out this downloadable PDF [click here] to help you, or your sales team, be more authentic with customers.

The problem with an inauthentic sales person is the fact that they are so focused on themselves when they're talking to somebody else that they can't even think straight so they end up not communicating straight.

This hinders your ability to build rapport, establish trust and get more referrals with a lot of your potential customers. If you are already getting a lot of sales being inauthentic, think about how much more you or your team could be selling if your trust were stronger, you had more referrals and better rapport.

#1 Step to becoming truly authentic, is by focusing on the other person.

Focus on your customers issues, wants and needs to figure out the best solution for them.

#2 Step is to have no emotional connection to the benefit of the result that you are going to get.

What does that mean?! That means that you cannot have an emotional connection to what you are getting out of the deal. This is very important because it puts focus on yourself and not your customer, and hinders your ability to maintain your authenticity. This is a key element most people miss.

Just focusing on the other person, what they're talking about, know what you're going to talk about next.

Remember, the power is in being you. The skill is maintaining the real you because you're comfortable with what you're communicating.

You're not thinking about it and you're focusing on the other person. Capture this, grasp it, and you will absolutely move sales through in a way in which you never would have done if you had been trying to be someone else.

Welcome to the real world of what professional selling, professional communication is all about.

Interested in learning more? Check out our online training!

Good selling,

"Inspiring your employees to achieve excellence, everyday!"

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