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So what exactly is rapport?

Rapport is an unseen flow of energy that naturally connects you with the person you’re talking to. Rapport is one of the most powerful aspects of a conversation to increase your influence and your ability to close more sales!

Why would I want to build Rapport?

Building rapport faster with your customer means that your customer will make their decision faster.

Easy enough right?!

Faster decisions means more orders. Which ultimately means that you start to advance things towards the level of success that you never thought possible (more money!).

If you want to be able to build rapport quickly, focus on your customer, not on yourself.

Rapport is built when you are able to put your needs, wants, and desires aside, and 100% focus on your client. This means you stop focusing on your commission from the sale you are about to close, and you make sure that you are offering TRUE VALUE to your client.

Not only are they going to love doing business with you, they are going to trust you as a person of authority in the field!

Question for YOU:

Have you ever had that connection where someone has been talking to you and suddenly you feel good about him, you like him, you trust him, and you want to talk back to him?

That’s usually because they are focused on you!


The minute you are focused on somebody else is the minute you will pull him or her towards you.

The people that struggle with this are bad because they are not listening to the client’s response.

They are not listening because they’re too focused either on the next call, commission, or the quota they’ve got to reach.