Why Do You Do What You Do? Find Your Purpose

Why Do You Do What You Do? Find Your Purpose. We can teach you your what and how. We cannot teach you your why. Simon Sinek's famous book “Start With Why” has helped us determine a large problem in everything from large corporations to personal coaching sessions. People simply do not know their “why”. They know how they can do something, they know what they do, but they don’t know why they do it. The reason that this is a large problem is because if someone does not know their “why” they cannot truly excel at their job or personal life. Your why is your purpose, your belief, the reason your company exists, or the reason you are determined to do something. It is the drive behind your ambition


So what exactly is rapport? Rapport is an unseen flow of energy that naturally connects you with the person you’re talking to. Rapport is one of the most powerful aspects of a conversation to increase your influence and your ability to close more sales! Why would I want to build Rapport? Building rapport faster with your customer means that your customer will make their decision faster. Easy enough right?! Faster decisions means more orders. Which ultimately means that you start to advance things towards the level of success that you never thought possible (more money!). If you want to be able to build rapport quickly, focus on your customer, not on yourself. Rapport is built when you are ab

Getting a Sales Job without Sales Experience

“I’m not in a Sales Job now and don’t have sales experience, but I want to get into a sales position! Applying for a Sales Job with no Sales Experience? “Every opportunity is asking for sales experience, even the company I work for now is saying I need sales experience. If I want to apply for a new sales position, what do I do?” Sound like you? Sounded like me too when I first started. True story! - when I first started out, I nervously applied for a sales position with a fortune 100 company and they were looking for a sales person with experience. I wasn't exactly what they were looking for, the odds were not in my favor. Fortunately, I was prepared and passionate enough to win over the in

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