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Top Motivational Keynote That Will Energize Your Conference

Finding the right keynote speaker that is going to inject the right message, with the right energy, the right motivation and getting your audience inspired and actually thinking a little bit differently and inspired to do things differently is exactly what Paul Anderson's (CEO & Founder of The Sales Pro) goal is for your event.

Once the event is finished the correct message and speaker are going to be a critical thing that's going to add to the success of your event.

Motivation can be injected into any team, just a handful of our past keynotes were at Universities, Banks, Chamber of Commerces, Sales Teams, Customer Service Teams, Leadership Teams, etc. The top motivational keynote that will energize your conference all starts with resilience.

One simple word that is a very difficult characteristic for people to incorporate into their world. The business world today is getting far, far more competitive than it ever was. Our personal lives are getting more constrained for the amount of time and less time that we have to be able to get things done and so therefore things happen to us where we get knocked back and sometimes when we get knocked back. We don't pick ourselves up quick enough and even when we pick ourselves up quick enough, we don't act the same way afterwards. So what is it that you can incorporate into your world that can actually reinforce resilience to be able to keep moving forward and look for the positive in things rather than the negative in something. And that's exactly what professional speaker, Paul Anderson has been able to incorporate into his world.

A very young age. Paul was extremely successful, got knocked down in a very big way. When he had a partnership with somebody that went horribly wrong he had a decision to make. Does he stay down or does he move himself forward?

He decided to keep his head down and work as hard as he possibly could to reinvent himself with his wife and first daughter in the United States of America. What better place to do that? To end up in an airport with three suitcases that were not full of gold and to reinvent yourself, to be able to progress your life so that you actually start to move forward and focus on the future. Not on the past and so Paul created an acronym called D.R.E.A.M. it's the thought process and a structure that has been reinforced throughout his entire life. It has helped him both personally as well as professionally to achieve the success that he has been so blessed to have and he would love to share that structural themed, thought process with your audience.

What's it going to do for you?

It's going to inspire people to think a little bit differently. It's going to give them the ability to think more deeply inside their mind and get a better understanding of what's influencing their thoughts and what they need to do to be able to change and move forward from those thoughts that are keeping them pushed back. It's going to give their understanding of how to realize their value, how to energize their spirit and take action rather than thinking about something and procrastinating about something and trying to get something perfect before you move it forward, and then it's going to give you the ability to be able to accentuate the value that you realize you have, that you bring to the table or that you want to bring to the world, and then the final element is about moving yourself forward.

  • Define you're thinking

  • Realizing value

  • Energize your spirit

  • Accentuate the value you bring to the table

  • Move yourself forward

You're looking for that type of element to be able to incorporate into your audience so they all start to get a better understanding of what's needed to be able to keep moving forward. When things don't always go well, this is exactly what Paul would love to bring to your event.

If this message resonates with you give us a call or send us an email, we would love to talk further about how we can add unmatched value to your event.


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