How To Achieve More In Life & Business In 5 Super Easy Steps

I want to share with you some insight when it comes to motivation, when it comes to your ability to keep focused on your end goal. Selling, as we know is one of the most powerful professions. Everybody is selling regardless of your job title or industry. You're creating an experience for somebody else with your interaction, and ultimately that's what selling is all about. It's all about how you make people feel and how you're focusing on them that attracts them back to you. That's the platform of sales because it establishes trust and more importantly starts to build rapport. So, those elements together with all the techniques and skills that help us to be more effective in our communication

How To Develop Resilience In Your Professional and Personal Life

“IF THE VOICE IN YOUR HEAD IS NEGATIVE, SOMEONE MANIPULATED IT” (Gary Vaynerchuck) How do you stay resilient and positive when everything is going wrong? How do you keep progressing forward in life when things are slowing you down… Your competitor just won the deal, you are not closing enough sales, your home life is stressful, it’s too hard to learn everything… How do you rewire your mindset to attain the success you are after? A person that has showed incredible resilience is Gary Vaynerchuck. He doesn’t let ANYTHING get in his way of his dreams and aspirations. As he says, “Fall in love with ‘NO’” If you follow him just for a day, watch his videos, listen to his podcasts, scroll though h

Your Actions Determine How Successful You Will Be

“The path to success is to take massive, determined action.” Tony Robbins You want to be successful, you want to have the life you have always dreamed of… All truly successful people in life set goals, have a plan and TAKE ACTION on that plan. Success is determined by you, and what you want out of life, your version of success might be having 5 kids and a house on the beach working your favorite 9-5 job, or, it might be living in a ten bedroom house somewhere in the mountains completely off the radar working from home everyday. Regardless of what your version of success is, you have to define it, then take action on it. If you define your success by what someone else is doing and never take

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