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Key Sales Skills You're Missing - Sales Training & Workshop

“The Richest Sales Person I Ever Knew Told me Something I’ll Never Forget…

“There’s no such thing as bad sales person…just uneducated ones.” And I think he was right.

You see, most people make out as if sales is DIFFICULT. But nothing could be further from the truth. And just like anything else there are certain techniques and methodologies that…if used correctly.... guarantee success. Because being great is as easy as learning the techniques of sales.

This is what you’re going to do in our sales workshop. You’re going to learn all of the foundational elements needed to become a STAR. This workshop will guide you through the key sales skills which everyone needs to know. You will learn practical, quality actionable information that you will be able to apply the very next day.

With over 25+ years in sales we know what it takes to move your career forward. And no matter what industry you’re in it’s possible to benefit from this course. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or small businessman you need to know how to sell your goods and services because revenue relies on sales, and great sales rely on awesome salespeople. This workshop is filled with powerful and eye opening content. You will learn practical strategies and truthful principles that are built around universal laws which are bound by natural human psychology.

But it’s not only about technique. It’s also about understanding the deeper psychology behind those techniques. And doing this will allow you to adapt them to almost ANY sales situation, no matter how complex. Our sales training & workshop will increase your confidence and take your career to the next level.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Open the mind of your prospective customer to gain their trust and emotionally achieve their acceptance (“buy-in”) to commit to the sale by focusing on Results!

  • Incorporate and communicate the hidden power of belief that enables your client to psychologically connect and be pulled into “wanting” what you are offering!

  • Define your thinking, realize and communicate your true value and emotionally connect to your client to enable a deeper and more loyal connection that moves the sale forward!


  • ESTABLISHING TRUST – Learn how the most effective negotiators and communicators naturally and immediately connect to their client through an unseen flow of energy that increases the speed of decision. Learn how to establish and communicate likeability and trust so your client knows, likes and trusts you!

  • SELLING VALUE – Learn how to create and communicate an experience of value and present yourself as a resource, not a commodity! Outsell the Competition and increase your order profitability through identifying, positioning and communicating your intrinsic and extrinsic value while ensuring that you make every client interaction a positive experience, that advances and moves your client closer to you.

  • STRATEGIC QUESTIONING – Learn how to transition from efficient to effective questioning skills and how to ask the right questions, at the correct time, and in the right way, creating conversations that uncover relevant and meaningful information that advance you forward.

  • SETTING CLIENT CRITERIA – Eliminate your competition by not just establishing client criteria but setting new criteria that position your company and solution as the only option. Learn how to identify, communicate and position your differentiation!

Included in training: (over $520.00 value)


CEO & Founder

Paul's intent is to trigger a willingness for the real you to “wake up” or “move forward” through skills and techniques that support your personal evolution into becoming an even better version of who you are, or perhaps change to become the person or sales person you always wanted to be. He has over 25+ years of top sales and leadership achievement, he is the author of the award winning books, "The Sales Pro" and "The Sales Pro Meets His Mentor", and a keynote speaker. His sales career started when he sold his way into a sales position for a Fortune 100 corporation. His passion for the world of business shown through the remarkable results he consistently achieves. Become the salesperson you always wanted to be and sign up today!

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