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5 Very Important Sales Presentation Tips To Get You Closing Faster

You don't want sales training that is old fashioned, boring and lacks content. You want online sales training that kicks your competitions ass and gets you seeing REAL results. Check out these 5 Very Important Sales Presentation Tips To Get You Closing Faster! (these tips are from The Sales Pro University's online sales course)

  • Tip #1 Never present your product as quickly as possible! Why?

  • You should not present your product as quickly as possible. You need to instill trust into your presentation even if it is an existing client. Instilling trust into your presentation WILL set you apart from your competition.

  • Tip #2 What should you do before talking about your product?

  • Confirm if there is anyone else that needs to be present regarding the decision making. Then reeducate everyone on their existing product and the problems that they are experiencing. Then instill the trust and confidence in your product or company.

  • Tip #3 Create dissatisfaction for the product they are currently using by focusing questions on a specific feature their product does not have but that they could benefit from.

  • This is huge! Create dissatisfaction for the product they are currently using by focusing your questions to a feature that their current product doesn't have but that they realize they could benefit from. If you start doing this in your presentations, you are going to start closing more sales. You are making an experience for the customer that no other company can replicate.

  • Tip #4 Don’t leave a customer focusing on price, make them focus on what they are going to get for the price.

  • A customer should not be left focusing on price. If they are someone else can always beat it, but if your customer is left with the idea of the experience they are going to get for the price you WILL outsell your competition.

  • Tip #5 Bring certain audience members in to the presentation by tailoring their Department/Division/Concern with the feature that they are about to present.

  • Tailor your presentation with the clients department/division or concern. People buy from people they trust, when you can tailor a presentation to someones department/division/concern it shows you know what you are talking about and your customers begin to trust you and your product increasing the speed of decision and outselling your competition.

Find more tips, strategies, skills and techniques by clicking here.

You will learn how to:

  • How to Structure a Dynamic Presentation

  • Negotiation and Price Presentation

  • The Pre-Presentation

  • The Actual Presentation

  • Features Functions Benefits Results

  • How to Elevate Value During Your Presentation

  • How to Customize Your Presentation

  • How to Create a Presentation that Emotionally Connects

  • Presentation Message Ending

As always, reach out to us with any questions! We are here for YOU!

Good Selling!

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