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Why Do You Do What You Do? Find Your Purpose

Why Do You Do What You Do? Find Your Purpose.

We can teach you your what and how.

We cannot teach you your why.

Simon Sinek's famous book “Start With Why” has helped us determine a large problem in everything from large corporations to personal coaching sessions.

People simply do not know their “why”. They know how they can do something, they know what they do, but they don’t know why they do it.

The reason that this is a large problem is because if someone does not know their “why” they cannot truly excel at their job or personal life. Your why is your purpose, your belief, the reason your company exists, or the reason you are determined to do something. It is the drive behind your ambition.

Without a “why” you are just doing something based off of potentially incorrect reasons, and the reason many people do not feel fulfilled or happy with what they are doing.

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