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We have all been there in the world of sales, stuck.

Cold calls that lead to nowhere, angry people and sales opportunities that fall through. The frustration starts to rise. You start to feel the stress of money as you look at your paycheck; you stopped smiling when you walked through the door at work and no emails from happy customers, only endless problems that you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel for.

In my experience, most salespeople get to this point at one stage or another in their sales career. Usually one of three things will happen, the salesperson starts to think maybe sales wasn’t all it was hyped up to be and will think about looking for new jobs, the other salesperson will continually walk through the door unhappy and unmotivated reaping the benefits of the freedom that sales gives you until another job falls in their lap or they eventually get fired, the other sales person will start to look into education that will help them find out where they are going wrong.

Which one are you....?

➡️The, "I’m thinking about looking for a new job person":

Sure, that “I can’t take this anymore” mentality feels good; you are really going to do it this time. You are going to update your resume, send it out to awesome companies, interview and land the dream job to get you out of the world of sales. If this is you, we commend you on making that jump- we understand that sales is not for everyone!

But, you are still reading this blog, so something tells me you’re not. Something tells me that you actually enjoy the job you’re in, you enjoy the world of sales, you are just having a tough time closing the right amount of sales and lost sight the great opportunity that it once was. Sales as you know, is full of incredible potential. It is one of the only jobs that you can get a six-figure income without having to spend most of your life climbing up the ladder.


But, you still need to know:

"how do you up your sales?"

"how do you get to the 6-figure income"

"how do you make it so you stay there?"


You have to educate yourself in the world of sales.

⏸️ Hold on... lets take a step back and think about this. Think about this example: How would a person play football without any training or practice? They would probably observe other players and do as best as they possibly could. While that might carry them for a little bit, they will quickly get out skilled by the next person who comes along knowing something more than you. That person has trained, knows your movements and knows your weaknesses. You? You only know how to do what your teammate is doing.

Ok, now lets put this back into your sales world, you WILL get outsold and your customers WILL go with someone else that is trained and more educated on how to close the sale. Once you train, educate yourself and practice the techniques you will become a sales pro and your paycheck will reflect that.

➡️The, "Unmotivated salesperson":

...Is most likely not reading this blog. They are probably looking at the latest deals on amazon, complaining about every little thing in their life or not sitting at their desk walking around doing something, “important”. The unmotivated salesperson is the first person that will not work, but also be the first person to tell you your not doing your job correctly. This person will usually stay longer than expected, but their sales won’t increase and neither will their money. They will continue to be “stuck” until they get out of this mindset. [Know a person like this? There is always one!]

➡️The, “Proactive salesperson”:

The person that decides that they need to educate themselves in the world of sales is typically the person that makes it to becoming a sales professional quicker than the rest. They are the ones that are the top sales performers and the ones that will be making most of the money. They have a good attitude, are willing to do what it takes and are willing to invest in themselves.

All sales people get stuck at some point of their career, and that’s ok! You can’t be expected to know all of the techniques, skills and strategies without 30 years of experience or the correct training. (In my experience people usually take training over having to go through 30 years of learning experiences) You want results now, you want to get out of your rut now, and you want to be making more money… NOW. Do something about it, don’t put your paycheck in your clients hand and wait for them to respond, put money into an online training course that will give you the techniques to close more, make more money and ultimately get you the life you are trying to achieve. Be proud of your sales, confident of your abilities and excited for your future.

Happy selling to you! - Arabella

‼️ P.S. Let us know if you have questions, we want to help you grow in the world of sales.

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