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Getting a Sales Job without Sales Experience

“I’m not in a Sales Job now and don’t have sales experience, but I want to get into a sales position!

Applying for a Sales Job with no Sales Experience?

“Every opportunity is asking for sales experience, even the company I work for now is saying I need sales experience. If I want to apply for a new sales position, what do I do?”

Sound like you?

Sounded like me too when I first started.

True story! - when I first started out, I nervously applied for a sales position with a fortune 100 company and they were looking for a sales person with experience.

I wasn't exactly what they were looking for, the odds were not in my favor. Fortunately, I was prepared and passionate enough to win over the initial interviewer.

Five interviews later they gave me the chance to prove myself. And one year later they named me rookie of the year.

Needless to say, they decided to reduce their minimum age requirement for future employees.

I can help you get to where you need to be!

The advice within this blog is actually real, in fact it’s not just advice it’s a step-by-step process to get you the job!

You should also know that I’ve been fortunate enough to be on the interviewer side of the table and I have never failed to give someone the chance that intuitively uses the approach I am about to share.

Whether it’s a sales position you are after with your current company or a new company, view this blog as a way to get started and on your way to your first sales position!

Ask yourself WHY a Sales Job?

If you currently work for a company and want to transition into a sales position, first ask yourself why? You have to sell the why!

WHY do you want to become a professional salesperson?

WHY do you want to sell what your company offers?

WHY do you think you are a good fit?

WHY now?

Your why emotionally connects you to the message you are going to communicate. It will reinforce an inner passion and commitment to the decision you are asking the company to make. Appreciate the view of the company who employed you, or your boss that manages you.

Have you asked the questions:

“Do they see me as a sales person?”

“Will this be a sudden shock?”

“Have my previous actions reinforced why I am now asking for a sales position?”

“What will it mean to my boss if they have to find my replacement?”

Put yourself in your employers’ position: what are they really looking for? Obviously they want someone who has a great personality, someone intelligent, enthusiastic and eager to learn, a person who can communicate, a self-motivated individual, and someone who will fit in with the existing employees.

If they are looking for a future top salesperson, wouldn’t it make sense that to be the person they hire, you will have to sell your way into the interview, then sell yourself at the interview, and then confidently ask for the position at the end?

You must stand out! You are in the position of selling yourself to your company!

Have you shown AND made your boss aware of the following:

  • That you are constantly looking to learn and take on additional responsibility?

  • Willingness to work extra hours if necessary?

  • Your Competitiveness and persistence?

  • A sense of urgency and support with customer centered issues?

  • Your ability to set goals and meet them?

  • Your ability to create a plan and execute it?

  • Your ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines?

  • Your commitment to educate yourself on the sales profession? Buy a sales book or learn from online sales training videos even if they aren’t mine!

  • Met with the top sales people to discuss what they are doing and saying?

  • Shown support whenever possible through proactive customer service actions?

If the answer is “no” to many of the questions above, then you already know what you need to start doing. However, if the answer is “yes” and a sales position is available within your company, plan out your proposal of why you.

Remember, you have no baggage of someone else’s past training or thought process. You are a clean slate ready and willing to adapt their learning and philosophies.

You also know the existing products or services the company offers, which increases the speed of learning. You are familiar with their culture and management style and are a “known” entity to them.

Welcome to the world of sales!

It’s now your job to ensure that you are selling YOU! But you can only do that if you are focused on your company, your current boss and your future potential sales boss!

What do I mean? It’s about your company and what they need. Your boss and what he/she needs and the needs of your future sales boss, and how your value meets and surpasses that need.

How do you present the best “you” while reinforcing that although you don’t have sales experience, you have researched and know the company’s sales needs while fully outlining why you should be the selected one.

Remember sales leaders, even if they are asking for sales experience, are really trying to establish the interviewee’s character and competence. Your ability to present your character is going to be a “key” to your successful ending. After all, competence can be learned but character can not, so you are going to focus on the strength of your character and ensure to the person you are being interviewed by that you have the competence to quickly learn what will be needed.

Here’s a simple three-step presentation that will set you apart, and get you the Sales Job you want!

1) Know The Company Sales Needs. Present what you know the company sales needs are, how you see them currently being filled through the actions of the top sales people, reinforcing the need to have a quick learner who is self-reliant that can meet and surpass their sales goals. Reinforce you have done your homework.

2) Why You? Present what answers you have to the ten questions above. Make bullet points of what you have done, how you have progressed since being with the company, and any progressive steps you have also shown to progress yourself outside the company. People want to hear about life and career progression, overcoming obstacles and someone’s ability to work under pressure. Highlight all you can to show the best you!

3) Gain Commitment. Ask for the job! Ask to move you into the sales position of your dreams that will allow you to have an even more positive impact on the company. Smile and wait for their answer!

If you would like a FREE copy of my book, that helps you not only with your ability to sell, but it will actually give you the techniques and strategies that will help you get a sales job with little to no experience!

Good Selling to You!

Paul Anderson

CEO & Author

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