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The Go-Giver 

Creating a Culture of
Leadership and Sales Excellence

The Go-Giver Way 

The idea of creating a culture of excellence within an organization, whether a small business, gigantic corporation or anything in between, is nothing new. Of course, scores of management gurus have made the compelling case for the importance of culture as the fabric that unifies the organization as a whole. From our perspective an organization’s genuine culture is created not by mission statements, slogans or overarching policies, but by the quality of the actual person-to-person interaction taking place within the group.

A genuine culture of excellence, in other words, arises from the quality of the relationships within the organization. You create the culture. By “culture of excellence,” we mean an environment where people understand, on a very immediate and practical level, what value, productivity and true worth are all about.

A Go-Giver mindset is a philosophy that has become even more paramount to life and business success, not just in America 2.0, but anywhere you are in the world.


Workshops that emphasize people and human-to-human interaction through the cornerstone of adding value to others both internally and externally.

Become one of the top 25% of overachieving givers in the workplace today by taking advantage of our In-person or Online workshop!

There is a new new heightened awareness to the reaction of mental and emotional stress, instigated most recently by the Pandemic and closely followed by the world protests in support of racial equality. Employees are now thinking and some asking, “how safe is the office?” and “Is my office a fair and respectful workplace or is there bias I need to deal with?”

At an individual, team and company level having an authentic appreciation for another person’s perspective, acknowledging their view of the world, being genuinely empathetic for their situation, fully understanding the meaning behind the message they are communicating, and most importantly, focusing on how you can add value in support of helping their life progression will be critical,  if you, your team or your company want to achieve outstanding success.

There has never been a more important time to instigate a platform of thought that aligns everyone together. A platform that emphasizes people through the cornerstone of “giving and adding value” to each other – Welcome to The Go-Giver.

The Go-Giver reinforces the focus is on “People” and how to ensure you are adding value during every interaction.

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Change your life with this amazing philosophy and allow it to turn your business success around!

Our founder, Paul Anderson is a Certified Go-Giver Speaker and Coach who has a life passion for helping to create a culture of business and personal excellence.


Creating a Culture of Excellence requires a consistent underlying belief that transfers through a company and there is no greater platform than shifting your focus to ensure that you are constantly reinforcing a message to add value to others.


The strategy and framework within the Go-Giver way have proven to positively impact each and every individual who is exposed to it, regardless of profession, position or industry. We are all human and the ability to authentically connect with others and focus on how you can add value to their world is proving to be a communication game-changer that will not only ensure you professionally move forward, but personally move forward too. Universal principles that shift your focus from yourself and to the people that you're talking to and without any emotional connection to the result achieve leadership commitment and not compliance, in sales the focus of the best interests of your client result in pulling people to you and not pushing, in fact any human interaction where your focus in genuinely and authentically on making the other person the star of the show will create an unseen flow of energy that naturally attracts people to you.

Applied Excellence will offer you, your team or your company a framework to support this shift creating the platform for enhancing, advancing or creating a culture where everyone is focused on adding value, touching lives, being real, collaboration and establishing trust.

The Go-Giver Way Workshops
Ultimate influence that attracts

Online and In-Class Workshops

The heart of our Creating a Culture of Business and Sales Excellence online course and in-class workshop reinforce a universal philosophy from within a powerful little book, titled, The Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann. These principles are not unique to Bob and John who framed such a brilliant story around the ‘Giving’ philosophy, they are universal principles that help us to have a better understanding of what we can do to positively influence our world and the world of the people around us. Principles that give us a much better understanding of how to become someone that adds value to others and how to become somebody that increases their own value.

The Go-Giver Online course, The go giver workshop
the go giver book, the go-giver book

A Few Go-Giver Testimonials:

"We should all seek to practice the message illustrated so elegantly in The Go-Giver Leader - that great leaders don't try to act like 'leaders,' they strive to be more human." 

Simon Sinek, Author of Start with Why and Leaders Eat Last

"Who do you want to be in the world? The Go-Giver influencer shows us the path forward to become a wiser, smarter, and ore humane leaders at a time when that's needed more than ever."

- Dorie Clark, Author of Entrepreneurial You and adjunct professor at Duke University's Fuqua School of Business

"At the heart of The Go-Giver is a philosophy - actually, a way of being that will dramatically increase your business, enrich your life and make an extraordinary mark in the world around you."

- Gary Keller, Founder and Chairman of the board, Keller Williams Realty, Intl; New York Times Bestselling Author, The One Thing.


"The Go-Giver has had an enormous influence on how I do business and live my life, and I'm honored, humbled and grateful to share the Five Laws with others. Thank you for helping to make this world a better place, and me a better person!"

- Harriet E. Dominique, senior vice president, Corporate Responsibility and Community Affairs, USAA

"The Go-Giver is the most important parable about business and life of our time."

- Adam Grant, New York Times bestselling author of Give and Take

"The Go-Giver taps into the secret that the mega-successful already know: personal wealth is the by product of making the world a better place."

- Paul Zane Pilzer, Bestselling author, The Wellness Revolution: two-time U.S. Presidential economic advisor

"The greatest leader is a servant leader. The Go-Giver tells a great story about how to serve your way to success."

- John Addison, Past co-CEO, Primerica, Inc.

Take advantage of a proven philosophy 

Ensure you are always focused on bringing the “human” element to every interaction, regardless of whether it’s in-person or virtual. It doesn't matter if you're in marketing, engineering, selling, or in finance, your career, title or position really doesn't matter, It's all supporting human connection and how one human being connects with another, and how specific philosophies and principles that you can measure are able to reinforce progression in your business and your life.

Paul Anderson, Applied Excellence

"...I simply can't recommend Paul highly enough. Bring him into your next company convention or conference. You'll be glad you did."


- Bob Burg

Best Selling Co-Author of "the Go-Giver"

"Paul is one of the most authentic speakers I've been able to experience. His story of Go-Giver. Building a culture of excellence is impressive. A first-hand witness to what qualities make up true leaders. Paul shares in detail what it takes to build a culture of excellence which leads to record-setting results. It is a true pleasure to give Paul Anderson my highest recommendation as a keynote speaker. He will prepare, inspire and deliver in a very humble way."


- Ed Quinlan 

President // Corporate Alliance

"Paul's generous spirit and enthusiasm for sharing 'The Five Principles of The Go-Giver' come through loud and clear. He loves helping people find success and it shows. The Chamber received an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response to Paul's message. We look forward to welcoming him back to speak at future Chamber events.


- Melanie Jamil

Director of Events // San Marcos Chamber of Commerce

"Paul Anderson's excellent delivery brought to life the five Laws of Stratospheric Success, enhancing our team's ability to embrace and incorporate the concepts."


- Koger Propst

President // ANB BanK

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The Go giver way, The Go-giver

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