Our goal is to inspire individual brilliance.

The result of achieving brilliance guarantees your ability to grow, prosper, to advance and to realize your true value so that you can start to capitalize, communicate and market it so that you attract and pull people towards you, reinforcing your progression in life. You'll find our workshops or online programs are specifically focused on relevant and meaningful content designed for overachieving performance in America 2.0. 

Sales, Leadership, Business Training

Virtual and In-Class (Certification)

Applied Excellence offer In-class training at your location or at our Carlsbad training facility or through a paced virtual training program. Regardless of which environment you select and what program you need, the training is not just “espresso rich” in up-to-date content but has been designed to ensure you achieve the highest level of communication and emotional connection with whomever you are talking to. Specific focus is given to, not just intellectually knowing and owning the techniques, principles, strategies and frameworks, but simplifying your ability to easily customize and apply them in order to maximize your effectiveness.

Business & Leadership

Executive Coaching | Online Course (Certification)

Reinforce your focus on “People” with an emphasis on how to add value during every interaction. It doesn't matter if you're in marketing, engineering, selling, or in finance, your career, title or position doesn't matter but what does matter is your ability to “connect.” Success in America 2.0 is going to require authentic human connection and this executive coaching course will share how specific philosophies and principles that you can measure are able to reinforce progression in your life and the lives of the people that you touch.


Workplace Reciprocity Types: Identify each reciprocity type in the workplace and how they influence business success. Learn to identify the traits and characteristics of what the most successful ‘givers’ focus on and how to ensure you are in the top 25% of over-achieving givers, which research has proven is recognized as the top reciprocity type in the workplace today.

Shifting Your Focus: You’ll learn that shifting your focus from getting to giving, meaning constantly and consistently adding value to others is actually quite practical. When you shift your focus from yourself, when you move from a “me” or an “I” to a “you” or an “other” focus, you change the platform of communication completely, pulling people towards you.

Create Value: Learn how five elements of your extrinsic value ensure that every customer, client or employee interaction creates the feeling of "wow" that was an awesome experience triggering the need for the person you met, to want to talk about the experience to other people, creating an army of personal walking ambassadors for you.

Touch Lives: Learn how to utilize the power of “borrowed influence” to ensure easier appointment making, quicker decision-making and enabling you to work smarter not harder.

Build Influence: Learn the power of influence through “human to Human” connection and how to create an unseen flow of energy that naturally connects you with the person you are talking to. Learn how to increase the speed of decision and achieve immediate connection with the people around you so they know, like and trust you!

Authenticity: Learn the power of your own authentic self, why it’s important and what stops us from being our true authentic self. Authenticity is what gives us freedom to be ourselves and be comfortable with who we are, and it's also what gives us access to connecting with other people in a meaningful and genuine way. Realize the true gift we can give ourselves and those around us -- the real us.

Reciprocity: Learn how to stay open to receiving and improve your understanding of how both giving value and receiving are two sides of the same coin. There can only be a giving if there is a receiving and there can only be a receiving if there is a giving, so don’t stop the flow.

Sales Excellence

Sales Coaching | Online Course (Certification)

Learn how to affect change in your life and close more sales! Be inspired by thoughts that you can immediately take an action on through  relevant and meaningful content designed for improving negotiation and communication in America 2.0. The invaluable content guarantees to offer you a “hack” into what the highest paid professional salespeople are focusing on that this prestigious inner circle call: “Sales Essentials” that everyone needs to know but no one is teaching or even discussing.


Elevating Value: Learn how to outsell your competition by focusing on unconsidered elements that will naturally pull your client towards you and elevating not just your product value but your overall value too. Learn how to incorporate and communicate a hidden power that enables your client to psychologically connect and be pulled into “wanting” what you are offering.

Establishing Trust: Learn how to transition from Features, Functions, Benefits and open the mind of your prospective customer, gain their trust and emotionally achieve their acceptance to commit to the sale.

Professional Presentations: Tap into the power of the six-step process that enable you to create a credible platform, that allow your client to feel confident about moving forward, through reinforcement that there will be zero risk in making the decision. Learn a powerful eight-step process that ensures you effectively communicate the benefits and results that match your client needs. 

Building RapportRapport is an unseen flow of energy that naturally connects you with the person you are talking to. Learn how to effectively communicate and achieve immediate connection with your client so they know, like and trust you. Increase the effectiveness of your communication by incorporating sensory system dialogue that enable you to immediately connect with a different part of the brain that enables your ability to speed the process of building rapport.

Strategic Questioning Skills: Learn how to ask the right questions, at the correct time, and in the right way, and how to use the tagalong questioning technique, enabling you to communicate more effectively, capturing deeper more relevant information while having a natural conversation with your client.

Closing The Sale: Learn the psychology behind why a client makes a decision and how to incorporate eight closing principles that guarantee you’ll close more sales. Learn how to receive fewer objections and identify what's behind the objections you do get and eliminate your competition by not just establishing client criteria but setting new criteria that position your company and solution as the only option.

Referrals: Reaching the decision maker is crucial for every salesperson to master, however achieving commitment to see you is paramount to how successful you will be. Learn how to effectively respond to potential objections such as; "I'm not interested" or "send me information" and what technique make’s the client's objection their reason to want to see you! Achieve more appointments by identifying where to focus, what to do when you focus and who the people are within a company to focus on.

Personal Development

Life Coaching | Online Course (Certification)

Place yourself in a mindset that gives you the ability to keep progressing forward, regardless of what's happening, because remember, it's not about what's happening now, it’s about how you're responding to what's happening now, and your ability to respond positively and focus on the positive is going to get you through any situation. It doesn't matter. That's what life success is all about. It's about your resilience.


Emotional Resilience: How is it that some people respond well to stress and others don’t? What are they doing and how can you apply what they are doing? What is it that the high performing athletes, successful entrepreneurs and those people that appear to always be switched on utilize to get themselves in the right mental and emotional state and how do they create the energy and power to be resilient to anything that comes their way? Learn how to extend life, double your energy, improve your blood flow and reinforce the right chemicals that give you a higher immune response that ensure you remain calm and have less stress in your world.

Mental Resilience: In addition to a success framework that outlines the steps to achieving mental resilience to any challenge, you’ll learn proven and highly effective principles that make the biggest difference in achieving your personal and professional growth,  leading to not just the feeling of being “whole” but the financial success that leads to life independence too.

Define Your Thinking: Learn how to clear your mind, understand what is influencing your thoughts, identify what has been stopping you from taking action and how to clear the negativity that may be affecting your results and overall well-being.

Realize Your True Value: We’ll show you how to identify the true value you bring to the world through achieving a deeper understanding of what is stopping you from being the confident and assertive individual that you know you can be.

Create Energy: Learn how to establish the foundation of a positive self-image and what to focus on in order to build a stronger foundation that triggers a new thought process and opens the door to even bigger dreams of achievement.

Realize Your Intrinsic Value: Learn how to tap into the power of your subconscious mind and how it helps you to achieve the desired mental state that triggers the forces of nature to achieve the result you’re after and how to dig deeper into your thoughts and analyze how to accentuate the positive value you bring to the world, so it positively affects your future.

Maintain Momentum: Know how to train your mind to reach within and continuously move forward to find that inner contentment-not the short-term solution but the long-term one that allow your dreams to be realized.

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