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Your ability to influence somebody will help you to close more sales. [Exercise and Examples Include

Your ability to influence somebody and pull them towards you is going to help you to close more sales. Sounds very easy and obvious but not everybody can do it. This is usually because sales reps are not focused on influencing people towards them, not because they don't want to, but because they do not know how to focus on it.

So, how do you influence someone and pull them towards you?

Influence is all about placing the other person's interests above and beyond your own. Putting your client's interests first, making sure that you're making a win for your client and focusing on them. This is what starts to influence your customers towards you! When you start to dictate something or there is a compliance, or a discount that must be met by a certain time you are not influencing someone in the same way.

Your ability to create authentic influence by focusing on your customers interests and making it a win for them, authentically where there is no connection from your standpoint to the result. You are not doing it to get the result for you. You are doing it to get a win for them. This is what is going to start to influence your client towards you.

Great leaders and great communicators are all laser focused on how they can make it a win for the other person. That's why they capture the business they do. They pull people towards them, they don't push people towards them. It is very difficult to try to push someone toward you yourself. Try it, doesn't work out. That's why you don't say, "that John who's a great sales person, he has a lot a lot of push! And that Julia, she has a lot of push too!" no, you say how people have great pull, because they're pulling people towards them.

The minute you can reinforce what you're sharing is of interest, of value and in the best interest to the person you are sharing it with. They're going to start to pull themselves to you and they're going to start to be influenced by what you're saying. This is where we start to get into more effective communication to help us close more sales.

It all comes down to the golden rule of business, people do business with and refer people to people they know, they like and