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How Tag-Along Questions will Get you the Sale

How do you get the most information out of a single question?

Ask a Tag-Along question! A professional sales person always understands that the right question said in the right way and at the right time, will open up a sale or move an opportunity forward that the average performer would have completely missed.

How does the Professional Sales Person do that?

Rookie mistake! What not to do: Interrogate

The average sales performer will start a conversation with a client and they may have seven or eight questions that they want to ask. They’ll ask those seven or eight questions, and walk out with the information they received. It’s been more of an interrogation than it has a conversation!

How a Pro would ask their questions:

The sales professional might also have the same seven or eight questions too, but they’ll ask the first question, the client will respond, they’ll listen to that response, and the sales professional will want to know more information about that answer.

Tag-Along for the win!

In other words, they’ll ask a Tag-Along question to the first question they’ve asked. They won’t even get on to question number two because they want to know more about the answer to question number one. That’s when you start to create a conversation, and that’s more importantly when you start to capture the right information. The right information is the important information that enables you to see the big picture and understand how you can help that particular client.