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Get Your Companies Focus Back on Track!

Take a second to slow down and think….

Think about why you created the company you did, or why you joined the company you did. What was the companies main focus? Write down your original focus somewhere. Sit back and now think, what is my current focus? Write it down next to your original focus. Does it line up with your original focus for the company? If it does, you are right on track! But for many, this focus has shifted from a Go-Giver to a Go-Taker.

A much needed shift in focus:

A small office-seating manufacturer was losing money and just seen its largest decline in annual revenue. The company had experienced slow growth during the good economy but was hit hard after two massive economy downturns.

The owner had his focus on one thing – to make money. And, he was happy to do this without feeling the need to add value to anyone but himself!

Haven’t we all been around people like that, or at least known of them?

They seldom achieve the results they feel they deserve and the reason is pretty clear; their focus is always on themselves…their interests and what’s important to them. They may be decent people but are consistently frustrated by the fact they never seem to reach the level of success they feel they are due. And even when they do it’s usually short-lived.

In a robust economy they can be hide safely behind the market’s demand for their products or services. They can be found walking around their offices or within their departments with a stone-faced look creating discomfort for everyone they encounter.

Eventually the pendulum swings and the economy takes a downward dive triggering fierce competition and more educated buyers as the flow of reactive need for their product or service comes to a stop (or halt). This is when the person, whom we refer to as a Go-Taker becomes exposed. They are genuinely surprised by the fact the competition is capturing their market, confused by the fact their employee’s aren’t working around the clock and incredibly upset and frustrated by their lack of commitment.

The frustration turns to disappointment as our Go-Taker starts their constant questioning: Why aren’t people buying from me? What are you all going to do to make this work for me? You owe me? In other words, it’s “me, me, me.”

Perhaps a shift in focus is needed. Perhaps? I’d say definitely.

When you shift your focus back to what’s important, great things start to happen

I have experienced many negative, uncaring and selfish people in the workplace. Even if it might be working for your company now, it wont always work in the future.

You know there is an issue in your company when you cannot meet sales goals, increased turnover and no proactiveness in your team. Everyone is there just to be there. In order to turn your team, a shift in focus is MANDATORY.

When you shift your focus back to what is important the following is bound to happen:

  • Increased Retention

  • Reduced Turnover

  • Improved Workplace Creativity

  • Pro-active Team Collaboration

  • Personal Accountability

  • Inspired Problem Solving

  • Energized Sense of Urgency

  • Wholehearted Commitment

Sounds like a win for me…

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