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Hungry for Success? – Why the young sales recruits will out perform you

Hungry for Success.




Eager to Learn.

All words to describe the new recruits or “sales rookies” about to join your team. (Especially if they have been trained by the sales pro!)

I’m always fascinated by these sales rookies, their curiosity is opposite to the majority of tenured sales people who seem happy with their average sales performance and content with the sales standard they are achieving. The questions constantly being asked by the rookie to the top sales pros are;

“how long did it take you to get to the top”


“what can you tell me to help me get there too!”

It’s as though they are looking for a short cut or sprinkle dust that that will magically increase their sales performance. (What they really need is the sales pro book to get them started!)

What makes a sales rookie great?

I’ve found that the character of the best sales rookie is one that is hungry for success and excited for the information that will get them there. They have a natural willingness to do whatever it takes to gain trust and have an incredible enthusiasm for what they are saying. No request is too small and their sense of a positive outcome with every potential customer they approach can be so powerful that I’ve seen some of the largest accounts transition their business to a young and excited sales rookie instead of the most experienced.

Why is this trait only found in sales rookies, not many pros?

These traits are also found in the sales pros but seldom found in the average sales performer. So, if you’re not achieving the sales results that you are aiming for, perhaps it’s time to question yourself and check that you’ve not got into bad sales habits or a negative downward spiral attitude of “I’ve tried that.” Perhaps it’s time for you to adapt the enthusiastic innocence of the sales rookie and capture back the energy, excitement and passion that can only move things forward.

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