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San Diego, California – ‘The Sales Pro’, a San Diego based highly distinguished and trusted sales training company, announces their new corporate identity as ‘Applied Excellence’ to show unparalleled dedication to promoting long-term and meaningful relationships with the companies of all sizes across the country. This reflects their growth as a top-notch learning and development expert. The new name – Applied Excellence – allows the company to emphasize their wide-ranging business objectives around changing the way corporate culture and client to customer connection relationships are defined.

“Excellence comes not only from the learning but in your commitment to owning and applying what you have learned”, said Paul Anderson, CEO & Founder of Applied Excellence. “Applying the knowledge learned is the key to creating outstanding practices and achieving the results based off of what fundamental concepts or values you are after.“, Paul Added.

This San Diego based company has been offering Sales Training and leadership programs to individuals and to Corporate for more than 25 years. Paul Anderson CEO & Founder of Applied Excellence does all the training himself.

The Company creates custom sales programs for Corporate Sales Training. The company can also select from three unique and highly effective open sales learning programs designed to meet the needs of every company regardless of whether the company has people at the beginning of their sales career or seasoned professionals and regardless of whether the product or service is sold B2B, B2C, or if the sales cycle is short or long. The content for each program offers a perfect blend of new age, thought-provoking, and effective techniques, skills, and strategies from two very powerful sales books; “The Sales Pro” and “The Go-Giver,” both of which offer a consultative, client-oriented approach that focuses on pulling, not pushing.

With the awesome number of sales training courses, Applied Excellence stands out from the competition. The fact that they offer a uniquely catered approach to sales and customer service; it’s no wonder why it has become the leading expert for many. They based their approaches on the Go-Giver philosophies, and they are the only certified company to teach the techniques. They let their clients understand that selling is a good way of offering value to a person.

About Applied Excellence:

Our training content is backed by over 25 years of application based research and the award-winning Go-Giver strategy that focuses on consistently reinforcing client-centered culture to positively influence and raise the standard of excellence. We are the only certified learning and development company in Southern California certified to teach this strategy.

For more information, visit and follow Applied Excellence on Instagram and LinkedIn. Company Name: Applied Excellence Contact Person: Arabella Sherr Email: Phone: 858 480 9087 City: San Diego State: California Country: United States Website:

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