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We want to change the way salespeople are viewed.

People hate sales people. They don’t listen, they don’t have your best interest at heart, they scam, they think they know better, they don’t care, they just want to squeeze every last penny out of you, they make you nervous, they make you feel small. The list can go on and on….

We want to change the way sales people are viewed.

I recently had a conversation with someone regarding if they should take a sales position or not. The conversation started out by first asking him if he liked a long sales cycle or short sales cycle (for best results and long-term career happiness choose the job that supports your type of sales cycle) they didn’t know how to respond. After my explanation of what a short sales cycle and a long sales cycle was they responded with something I found astounding. They said, “I like building relationships with people and having fun conversations to get them the right product. I don’t really like “sales”, I like to build relationships…” (to answer your question, he was a long sales cycle personality) But what I found immediately interesting was that he thought sales wasn’t the same thing as genuinely having someone’s best interest at heart and helping them to find the right product. When I asked him why that wasn’t “selling” he responded by saying that sales is seen as slimy and annoying people until they buy.

Professional selling (especially this day and age) is about natural human to human connection. It is about hearing the customer’s needs and assisting them with a solution. People hate salespeople. They are skeptical of bad business, customer’s want now more than ever do business with those they know, like and trust.

Think about it, when a salesperson takes care of you, it's weird. You can immediately recognize when there is good service and when someone has your best interest at heart. When you have a bad salesperson it feels normal, the same annoyed feeling comes back and you remember why you hate sales people so much, making you skeptical of anyone and everyone calling or emailing you saying they have a solution for your needs.

We are in the sales training industry for a reason, and that is to help salespeople sell professionally. Your sales team should see the fun in selling and enjoy the experience of talking to people and building relationships. If your sales team is motivated and taught the most up to date techniques of professional selling, you will be shocked by the amount of good reviews and referrals that will come back.

Arabella Sherr

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