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The faster you establish trust in sales, the quicker you're going to get a decision

The faster you establish trust in sales, the quicker you're going to get a decision, let's do a little mind exercise here. First, think of someone in your business environment where you have a high trust relationship. You trust them and you feel good about them. Think about it, it could be a peer, could be a colleague, someone within business, that you have a really high level of trust for that person.

  • How does it feel when you do business with them in terms of interaction?

  • When you're collaborating with them?

  • When you're communicating with them?

  • How fast you get things done?

  • What type of results do you achieve by that interaction and that partnership?

When you have a high level of trust with that person, using all those elements are pretty positive. You get results really quickly and you want to go back and have more of a collaboration with that particular person. Now let's talk about a low level of trust. Think of somebody in your business or environment or a colleague where you have a low level of trust for some reason.

  • How do you feel about your interaction with that person?

  • How quickly do you get things done with that person and what's your communication like with that person?

Usually it's not good. It's slow and you can't wait to get on with another experience. All of those elements are what your client is feeling about you. If they are not trusting you, then they can't wait for you to leave. They're not really listening to what you're saying. The energy level when you interact with someone with a low level of trust is very, very low. When you interacted with someone with a high level of trust the energy is very high, so all of these elements help to speed a decision and help to speed the connectivity of influencing someone towards you.

Let's look at how we can communicate trust and if you've read any books at all, please read another one called Speed of Trust by Stephen MR Covey because this is part of what he's talking about here and it's a very powerful