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EVERYONE IS OR SHOULD BE SELLING! – Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing

I just finished listening to the audible version of the book “Rich Dad’s Guide To Investing” by Robert T. Kiyosaki– The informational insights are a complete gift and I really admire his story, patience and commitment to the end results he set out to achieve. This is a MUST READ for everyone who wants to positively impact their life!

My Thoughts…

Listening to the book, it became evident that he placed an incredible importance on a person’s ability to sell. For example, Robert states:

“If you can not sell, you can not be an entrepreneur.”

“Selling is the most important skill you can learn and continue to improve.”

Robert also recommends to a young man who asked for his advice on starting his own business to “First get a job with a company that will train you in sales.”

This is such positive reinforcement from an international best selling book! It is not linked to the sales profession, but reinforces that selling is the critical key in the overall success of just about everything!

But that’s my opinion, let me know yours!

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