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Our methodology supports a  “People” focused framework emphasizing value, honesty, and integrity.

Our goal is to partner with you to create, enhance or develop a

Culture of Excellence, where everyone understands what value, productivity, authenticity and true worth are all about. 

You are the culture. We show you how to realize the value of it. 

"Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your trademark."

Our focus is on your trademark but please take a moment to listen to ours....


Midwestern Insurance Alliance operates as a managing general agency providing workers'​ compensation coverage. Midwestern has become a leader in their industry through their focus on Service, Innovation and Experience.


"We decided that we wanted to bring somebody in to really help with culture, and overall connection, maybe just a different way to think about our business, to think about our customer and create the kind of culture shift that reinforces continuous improvement. We wanted to bring our team to the next level."

Jeremiah Howard, Senior Vice President Marketing


Biassync was founded to create a more fair and respectable workplace and has become a leader in software that addresses how to assess unconscious bias in the workplace.

"When I brought in Paul and his company, we were at zero revenue because we literally just launched a new product into the marketplace and we didn't know what to expect, but obviously as a CEO and a co-founder, I had revenue goals, I had individuals on my sales team who had never been sales professionals before and others that did have consultative sales experience."


Michele Ruiz Biassync CO-FOUNDER and CEO


Baker Electric Home Energy is a leader in enabling Southern California homeowners  to generate, manage and use their own power to save money, enhance their families lifestyle and protect the planet through the implementation, managing and supporting of home energy through Solar, Home Batteries, Heating and Air Conditioning and Home Energy Solutions.

"Immediately Paul had the ability to work with us from a companywide or from a cultural standpoint, with more of an emphasis on reinvigoration and enthusiasm, and our overall approach ethos rather than a quick fix or techniques. Our decision to hire Paul was a yes, yes, yes."

Ian Lochore, Vice President-General Manager PV Division

​​Paul came in with a different approach. We felt that we were getting stale with some of the other training techniques. Paul was able to take what truly the culture of our company is and put that into every single sales consultant Pitchbook, if you will, to provide that elevated value experience to the homeowner. 

Steve Brooke, Baker Electric Home Energy

Solutions designed for America 2.0

In-person / virtual based partnership

  • People Development & Company Progression

  • Leadership, Business, Sales, Personal Development

  • Discover Your Company “Why” 

  • Identify Your Company Core Values

  • Create Your Company Value Proposition 

  • Position Your Company Differentiation 

Start learning today with a library of ready-made "snackable" courses:


Sales, Business, Leadership, Personal Development.

  • New Courses Added Regularly to Maintain Relevancy
  • Created & Presented by Leadership and Sales Expert
  • Animated & Interactive Video's to Sustain Engagement.
  • Immediate Access to Ensure Quick and Easy Application
  • Quizzes to Reinforce Comprehension
  • Exercises to Customize Content to Your Company
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What People Say

In-Person Training

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Online Training

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Why Partner With Us

Facilitation is Critical Each training is delivered by our principal Paul Anderson

Our Solution is not Prescriptive - Everyone is unique so is your solution

Execution is Everything Action steps that inspire commitment, not compliance

Program Reinforcement - Espresso rich, Microlearning maintains engagement

Course Content Focused on personal and professional development

Meaningful and Relevant - Content that evolves to meet changing B2B and B2C needs

Certification You Can Trust - Go-Giver accredited coach and speaker

Articles supporting why we do what we do

A Brand’s Cultural Relevance Is Almost as Important as a Strong Image, Study Finds

According to the study, 25% of product decisions are led by cultural relevance. 

Screen Shot 2020-06-08 at 11.38.03

Josh Sternberg

Corporate Culture Has Become the Most Powerful Force in Forging Partnerships

Research shows authentic values even trump innovation. Companies are no longer judged on what they say...

Screen Shot 2020-06-08 at 11.40.42

Christoph Becker

New study shows culturally relevant brands are more relevant to consumers

A new study shows just how much consumers want brands and culture to mix...

E.zj. Samson


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