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Who is Applied Excellence?


Applied Excellence was created by author, professional speaker and business expert, Paul Anderson. Paul's career started when he sold his way into a sales position for a Fortune 100 corporation, although he was two years below the company’s minimum age requirement. He immediately hit the ground running, achieving Sales Rookie of the Year, and continued to break all previous sales records, earning over twenty sales awards, a nomination for worldwide salesperson of the year and a seat on the prestigious sales advisory board. He was also elected a member of the order of sales excellence earning the title “Machine, Not a Man”—all by the age of 25.

Applied Excellence will teach you how to 

successfully create a culture of excellence.

When applied our training has proven to increase your ability to influence, give in value and pull customers towards you.

How can you be confident that our training is your solution? Our methodology focuses on universal communication techniques, techniques that people can use to benefit their work life as well as their personal life. We are teaching you how to communicate more effectively for long term, profitable relationships rather than one off sayings for tricky sales tactics and non-returning customers.

When your business is exposed to "The Go-Giver" philosophy along with our 25+ years of application based research, your company will conduct business in the most profitable way ultimately creating a culture of excellence. 

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The Sales Pro

By Paul Anderson

Read By Gary Noon

Regardless of your industry, job title or skill level, everyone is selling. Business owners, entrepreneurs and sales people have to know how to communicate effectively and pull people towards them.

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