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Commercial & Residential Solar Sales Training 

Increased Sales. Positive reviews. Endless Referrals.



Applied Excellence is changing the way commercial and residential solar is sold...

A Go-Giver strategy sells more solar than any other sales tactic and only we can teach it!


Through proven and tested client-centered sales techniques, we can help your sales team build trust faster, leading to increased sales. You can expect:


  • Personal Walking Ambassadors 

  • Endless Referrals

  • Reduced Amount of Discounts

  • Guaranteed Positive Customer Experience 

  • Motivated Sales Team


Personal walking ambassadors are a network of people who know you, like you, and trust you. It doesn't mean they have to buy from you, it means they always have you in the back of their mind. It means that every person who deals with you has such a great experience that they tell their network of people to go to you. Our proven techniques are backed by the philosophies of the international best selling book, The Go-Giver, by Bob Burg & John David Mann and over 25 years of application based research. We are currently the only company in Southern California certified to teach what we teach. 

Corporate Team Training
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Get more positive reviews from companies like...

You will be one step ahead of every other residential or commercial solar company, with our Go-Giver ways.



The power of technology is making it harder to use age-old techniques that involve aggressive, pushy behavior. We have found that even though these "high pressure" sales techniques might still be working for you, or your company, it is not a long-term solution. When someone does not have a good or pleasant experience with your company, they have the power of technology at his or her fingertips. They can write a 1-star review across every platform, they can tell all their friends, family and coworkers not to go to you, and avoid your solar company at all costs. This results in poor reviews, little to no referrals and no repeat business, ultimately hurting your company all for one deal.


We don't think that's worth it. 


At Applied Excellence, we teach the power of effective communication and authentic influence to establish a strong trust that keeps a customer coming back. Our proven techniques involve shifting your focus from getting to giving to create a client-centered relationship. The second you focus on the customer and have no emotional attachment to the result (what you are going to get out of the deal), you will begin to establish trust with your customer and be able to 100% focus on your customer's needs.


Sales in general, does not have enough of this, which is why they tend to have a bad reputation. With our training content you will receive more than you would have with any other sales technique (increased sales, more positive reviews, and endless referrals). This is because value has become increasingly important; people want to do business with those they know, like and trust. Not those they are scared of, don't trust, and feel pressured into buying. 


Our techniques are unique because we are the only company in Southern California certified to teach what we teach.


Paul Anderson, CEO & Founder of Applied Excellence, is a certified Go-Giver Speaker and Coach. The Go-Giver is an international best selling book that is backed by many successful people. It is about changing your focus from getting to giving, and when you put others interests first and continually focus on adding value to their lives, it will lead to unexpected returns. Paul blends these universal laws from The Go-Giver into his proven sales techniques, creating a successful framework for years to come. He will not only raise your sales numbers, he will motivate your team, increase your positive reviews, and create strong business practices for your company to enjoy for many years. 




We do it all.

In person workshops, online programs, seminars, and partnerships to get your team selling more and fast. 

Short Seminars 


End of Quarter

End of Year

Beginning of Year

In-Person workshops

Full Day

Half Da

Multi Day

Flexible Training

It's all about you and your goals for your company. All of our training is flexible depending on your needs. 

Online Programs

Choose from our basic online program or advanced fully in depth platform. 

Trainer Partnership

100% fully immersive program including, initial discovery, field accompaniment, Roleplay, surveys, feedback, etc.  

Motivation Inspired

Sometimes all your team needs is a motivation boost, they know all their sales skills but need a boost in participation, teamwork, energy or resilience. 

Lunch & Lean


Set up a phone or in person appointment today. Ask about how to get a free ...



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The Actual Presentation

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