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Corporate Team Training


DESIGNED FOR AMERICA 2.0 - Ideal for on-boarding new salespeople or turning your average performers into high performers or your client support team into even more effective communicators.

Regardless of whether training is facilitated at your office location or our San Diego training facility, the 'Future of Selling' training content offers a perfect blend of new age, thought provoking, effective techniques, skills and strategies, designed to respond to the ever-evolving needs of what many C-Suite executives are calling America 2.0. Participants will learn how to reinforce their value as a resource and pivot from price, influence, diffuse and inspire, effectively communicate, elevate value, attract and retain clients, create trust, develop loyalty and not just reinforce sales excellence, but business excellence too. There has never been a more important time to focus on the power of "Human to Human" connection and instigate a platform of thought that ensures every sales interaction, presentation, meeting, email or telephone call creates a personal walking ambassador talking about your company. 


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The Training is not just espresso rich in up to date and highly relevant content for 2021 and beyond but has been designed to ensure the highest level of communication and emotional connection with decision makers and influencers who have become increasingly smart in our highly connected and knowledgeable world. 85% of surveyed B2B decision makers are basing their buying decisions on a specific element more than they did 5 years ago, and 60% of decision makers have stated that the same element is more important than company innovativeness or market dominance. Specific training focus is given to not just knowing this critical element but learning how to apply it to the very next presentation or meeting. Designed to inspire thought, promote engagement and instill the commitment to want to apply the strategies, techniques and skills being taught, participants will benefit from immediately increasing their perceived value, closing sales faster and outselling the competition.  



It’s time to transition from Solution Selling to Insight Selling! We incorporate a science-based sales approach, reinforcing a specific proven sales strategy that will have an immediate impact of improving sales “presentation quality” by 11.41%, presentation Impact by 41.3% and increased client commitment by over 10%. Training participants will benefit from how to influence a client through the persuasive impact of a presentation and how to enhance presentation quality and uniqueness.





70% of workplace learning happens ‘on-the-job,’ eLearning Microlearning videos are designed for self-directed or facilitated follow-up reinforcement of the training content to help learners make decisions and apply their learning in a number of different contexts. Whether through mobile phone or computer learners can access content to ensure a fast and easy review of a specific topic whenever and wherever needed.



Every training offers a certificate of completion and is personally delivered by our principal, Paul Anderson.  Paul is the Founder of Applied Excellence - Learning and Development  Company, author of “The Sales Pro” & “The Sales Pro Meets His Mentor”, a professional speaker and a Certified Go-Giver Speaker and Coach. He has more than 25+ years of top sales and leadership achievement. His methods embody the highest level of leadership philosophies and principles. His passion for the world of business is shown through the remarkable results he consistently achieves. With Paul, it’s all about you. When you work with him expect to get total immersion, his goal is to move you and your team forward to attain the results you are after.



The Future of Selling is a one or two-day program offering a specific focus on how to excel in America 2.0. Through a strategic scientific approach, every participant will learn how to increase the speed of client connection, position themselves as a value-based resource, develop listening skills, elevate value, communicate like-ability and trust, set buying criteria that eliminate the competition and deliver presentations that are relevant, meaningful and energized.

List Of Topics

Sales Influence

SALES INFLUENCE – 84% of people want to buy from someone they know and trust. Studies reinforce that company culture is becoming a major factor in the decision-making process. Participants will learn how to position, present and align their company culture with that of their client to ensure the highest level of “authentic” connection into their presentation.

Value Based Selling

VALUE-BASED SELLING – 79% of business buyers want their sales reps to be trusted advisors who add value. “Experience” has now taken over price and brand as it relates to decision-making criteria; 83% of clients are glad to give a referral after a positive experience. Participants will learn a framework for how to create and communicate an experience of value and present themselves as a resource, not a commodity. 

Establishing Trust

Strategic Questioning

ESTABLISHING TRUST – When asked what qualities they value in a salesperson, buyers ranked “trustworthy” (47%) at the top. Participants will learn how the most effective negotiators and

communicators naturally and immediately connect to their client through an unseen flow of energy that increases the speed of decision.

Energized Presentations

STRATEGIC QUESTIONING – Increased client engagement through strategic questioning can increase client closing rates by 20%. Participants will learn how to transition from efficient to effective questioning skills by asking the right questions, at the correct time, and in the right way, to create conversations that uncover relevant and meaningful information.

The Changing Type of Customer

ENERGIZED PRESENTATIONS – A recent survey stated that 58% of meetings aren’t valuable to buyers and 73% of B2B senior executives stated that the expectation for more personalized experiences is high on their agenda. Participants will learn what to focus on to ensure they are energizing every presentation, so it becomes a customized,  interactive experience while incorporating a science-based proven strategy that ensures every presentation is high quality, unique, and impactful.

THE CHANGING TYPE OF CUSTOMER – Millennials are the biggest workplace generation

ever; estimates state they are currently 92 million strong. If you want a new customer today, you have to appeal to the millennial generation. You have to  understand the preferences of the millennial generation. Participants will learn how to better communicate

with millennials while earning their respect.

Elevating Value


Sales Cycle Personality

The Actual Presentation

Effective Questioning Skills

The Law of Numbers

The Power of Objections

Sensory System Dialogue


Selling Results

Differentiating Criteria

Profile Of A Presentation

Tagalong Questioning Technique

New Business Development

Closing the Sale

Time Management


The Pre-Presentation

Client Connection

Building Rapport

Reflective Technique

Making Appointments


Sales Revenue Targets

How to be Efficient


Industry Leading Learning & Development Company Focused On Inspiring Employees To Achieve Excellence Everyday.


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Our pricing structure is based on how many people are in your team. You can choose to pay annually or monthly based on the total number of registered users you would like to sign up. We would love the chance to work with your needs and budget, we are flexible with our programs and can create your own corporate program offering a blend of in-person workshops, surveys, ride-alongs, online training platform, guidance, and custom support to enhance your team. 


The Online Training Platform for your sales team starts at $899.95 per user (each salesperson). We are a family owned business that believes in giving you the support you need for any size team. Reach out to us today and we will work with you to create a program that fits your company's budget and needs. 


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