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Up to date sales skills that are taught through self-paced training to increase workplace well-being & productivity beyond classic methods.

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Unique approach that goes beyond classic skills to give your sales team a competitive advantage.

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Corporate Sales Team Training 

Is sales training for your team really worth the investment? 

A trained sales team is more likely to consistently generate new opportunities, get better referrals, and earn higher reviews. This can all lead to huge returns for a company. Sales is the driving force of every company, the better equipped your team, the higher the ROI. We believe that increasing the confidence of a sales team by developing their communication is the cornerstone of every exceptional sales team. That's why we offer a unique approach that goes beyond just sales skills. We teach what's important in every human to human interaction in order to make sure your sales team is able to establish trust and build meaningful relationships with their clients. 

What tools do you have to manage your team?

With our corporate sales training platform, you have access to many different tools to help manage your team and ensure participation. 


Available Tools:

  • Extensive reporting: Access to everything within your company's eLearning environment. 

  • Activity Tracking: A timeline of your group's actions. 

  • Customizable: Ability to customize training to your companies industry through modified lessons and/or learning paths.

  • Gamification: Help keep your team engaged with Gamification, Badges, Points, Levels, Rewards, and Leaderboards which are given to the highest scoring employees. 

  • Rich Communication Tools: Support 24/7 from your dedicated account manager and access to personal messages, calendars, and discussion forums. 

  • Exercises/Quizzes: Keep your team on pace and to ensure understanding of content. 

What will my sales team learn that they haven't learned already? 

Applied Excellence is currently the only learning & development company certified to teach what we teach. Our "Go-Giver" ways are backed by universal laws that can be implemented into any industry (B2B/B2C/Channel Sales) and help teams with any experience level. We provide teams with the skills they need to communicate effectively and create long-term relationships. We not only teach teams the skills they need to know, but the action of how to easily apply them. This is the most important part because if you can't apply the skills easily, then there won't be any results. Because of this, we can guarantee an increase in sales team performance and numbers. 


Our intent is to provide you and your team with information that will train them to be top sellers by building honest client-centered relationships. Our lessons cover a wide range of topics needed to become a sales professional, which can be seen below.

Full List Of Topics

Establishing Trust

Selling Value


Sales Cycle Personality

The Actual Presentation

The Actual Presentation

Effective Questioning Skills

The Law of Numbers

The Power of Objections

Sensory System Dialogue


Strategic Questioning

Body Language

Elevating Value

Selling Results

Differentiating Criteria

Profile Of A Presentation

Tagalong Questioning Technique

New Business Development

Closing the Sale

Time Management


Authentic Influence

The Pre-Presentation

Client Connection

Building Rapport

Reflective Technique

Making Appointments


Sales Revenue Targets

How to be Efficient


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Our pricing structure is based on how many people are in your team. You can choose to pay annually or monthly based on the total number of registered users you would like to sign up. We would love the chance to work with your needs and budget, we are flexible with our programs and can create your own corporate program offering a blend of in-person workshops, surveys, ride-alongs, online training platform, guidance, and custom support to enhance your team. 


The Online Training Platform for your sales team starts at $899.95 per user (each salesperson). We are a family owned business that believes in giving you the support you need for any size team. Reach out to us today and we will work with you to create a program that fits your company's budget and needs. 


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