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SALES               MASTERY 


The sales skills, techniques and strategies within this powerful sales training course will enlighten you into how to take action to affect change, offering you thought provoking moments, epiphanies and reality checks through powerful information that is time-tested, relevant, and simple to understand.

280+ Video Lesson Minutes

40 Supplemental Resources

27 Lessons Covering Every Aspect Of Sales

17 Lesson Quizzes

Certificate Of Completion

“The Best Online Sales Training Course” Destined to Change the Game

About: Ever wanted an award-winning sales trainer in your pocket? One with the answer to, “How can I strategically educate sales pros to increase revenue and put the client’s best interest top of mind?”. The Sales Pro University is newly launched and ready to change how people tap into their inner sales expert, the online sales training program levels the playing field with a wellspring of insider info. Combining time-tested strategies with a fun, modern approach, your trainer Paul Anderson lassos comprehension with animations, live sessions, comics, action plans, and reinforcements that get sellers tangible profits. Unlike any other sales program created thus far based on content and entertainment value alone, the training also employs integrity as a working principle. The Sales Pro University is fully-focused on training top sellers to build honest client-centered relationships; changing forever what has thus far been known as a one-up salesmanship game. Upon completion of The Sales Pro University, each student receives a Certification of Excellence. This will mark their successful completion of the sales training course and reinforce their credibility and sales expertise overall.

“The Best Online Sales Training Course” Destined to Change the Game


Information Packed Lessons 

The Sales Pro has packed 30+ years worth of experience into easy to understand lessons to make you a sales professional as fast as possible.  With over 25 lessons here are just some of the things Sales Mastery Covers:

  • Closing

  • Overcoming objections

  • Calling

  • Effective communication

  • Presentations...

Video Sessions

Live training sessions in a variety of environments keeping you engaged and excited to learn! Interactive whiteboard and PowerPoint delivery visually breaks down the complex material into the simplistic for easy comprehension. Fun reinforcement videos offer inspiration and motivation to maintain engagement to keep you on track.


Graded self-assessments identify your strengths and weaknesses allowing focus realignment.


Exercises allow the material to be customized for quicker application leading to increased speed of results.


Cartoon and whiteboard animation brings context to life by breaking down the complex process for easier understanding. The fun and entertaining element sustains your attention leading to quicker application and results.

Action Plans

Action plans allow you to document activity in order to objectively measure your progress.

Certificate of Excellence

Certificate of Excellence confirms successful course completion reinforcing credibility and documenting sales expertise.

Your Instructor:

A top salesman, entertaining author, and Keynote speaker with over twenty selling awards and two award winning books, Paul Anderson uses a relational approach to quantify power elite selling. That’s tough to do in a climate that’s ever challenging and ready to use a survival of the fittest mentality with abandon. Given his nearly thirty years of experience, Anderson equips online students with the nitty-gritty of sales tact.

SALES               MASTERY 

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