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Creating a Culture of Excellence

Leadership & Development Keynote

(Based on award-winning book, "The Sales Pro" and international best selling book, "The Go-Giver")


As a leader within your organization, I’m sure “people” have become your most important asset and we would love the opportunity to help support your task of advancing both their personal and professional development with universal principles that focus on creating a culture of excellence- both business and personal.


By “culture of excellence,” we mean an environment where people understand, on a very immediate and practical level, what value, productivity and true worth are all about. A genuine culture of excellence arises from the quality of the relationships within the organization. You create the culture.


The universal principles of leadership and business within our presentation have been endorsed by some of the greatest and most influential leadership speakers of our time- people such as Stephen M.R.Covey, author of Speed of Trust,’ Simon Sinek, author of ‘Start with Why,’ and Marshall Goldsmith, author of ‘What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.’


Companies large and small have incorporated the principles into their organizations to not just increase employee engagement, commitment and achieve greater collaboration and creative thought but also to train their sales and customer service teams to generate both more sales and happier customers,


From technology companies, executive councils, law firms and hospitals to energy conglomerates to nursing homes, companies, individuals and groups around the world have applied the laws and principles we present to achieve stratospheric success to their organizations and businesses, confirming that they don’t just like the principles, but they work!


Presented in fun and entertaining way we share a simple framework that focuses on people, value, honesty, and integrity. These elements not only support, but enhance traditional leadership principles, while maintaining a seamless and common focus on the most important element, "People."


The take away from the presentation has proven to support this common “people” focus, enlightening all to incorporate the elements within the shared framework of principles to achieve both a culture of business and personal excellence too.

Leadership & Development Keynote
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