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Edit and correct properties on an imported markupsheet. Change a size, change a shape, even set the color of a shape.Re-import markupsheets with the same settings to “merge” them into a single design.Add a shape’s color to imported markupsheets. Change a shape’s color or set its line width using the new Shape Properties dialog box.Change the default scale for all imported markupsheets, from 1:1 to any other scale. (Note: Markupsheets will continue to be imported at the same scale.)Edit and align imported markupsheets.Create a simple markupsheet in AutoCAD to quickly send feedback to your drawings (you’ll learn more about this in Markupsheet: Text).Learn more in this blog post:Autodesk’s new generation of CAD software is here! Introducing AutoCAD 2023. Throughout our new software release, we’re focused on enabling you to design, visualize, and ship with ease, even in multiple locations with the same file.But as a three-year-old product, we’re not just growing up.We’re finally starting to do some amazing things. To get you excited about this new release, we’re bringing AutoCAD’s markupsheet feature to the web.It allows you to create markupsheets from any application that can take a text file, and allows you to publish those markupsheets back to your drawings.Finally, AutoCAD now has a great, new-generation editing experience. Make it easier to make edits to your drawing, such as changing its color, or using dynamic variables like the shape’s thickness, line width, or area.And best of all, AutoCAD can also now import markupsheets. Just import and incorporate feedback from markupsheets directly into your CAD drawing, edit markupsheets, and export the change back to the drawing.Finally, we’ve included a new Shape Properties dialog box. Now you can change the color or line width of an imported shape directly on the drawing. You can even change the scale of the imported shape and automatically resample it to the scale of the drawing it’s in.One of the biggest changes in AutoCAD 2023 is the new markup import and markup assist 2be273e24d

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