The Sales Pro CARTOON Edition promotes complete comprehension of the sales techniques by dispensing insight through informative cartoons. The lessons within each cartoon story enable easier, faster and more effective comprehension by offering visual connection to get the message across. The recap questions after each cartoon will ensure the sales message within each cartoon has been understood which can be confirmed within the answers section at the end of the book.

The main character who appears in the cartoon stories is Pete, who while attending sales school discusses with his colleagues how to apply each specific selling skill, technique and strategy. These stories will increase the rate at which you learn the particular skill and allow you to quickly apply the lesson to your own sales opportunities. The book’s cartoon characters, like you, are reading about specific sales techniques; and you can follow along as they work through that chapter’s lessons. If you learn and apply the selling skills and strategies within this book, you will succeed in becoming a true sales professional and earn an income you never thought possible.

The Sales Pro – Cartoon Edition E-Book

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