How Is This AWESOME Workbook Going To Change My Life?


When you make the choice to add this workbook to your order, you will have exercises that no one else has access to! We rarely offer this workbook because it is normally for our Top Clients, but if you decide that you want to take advantage of this offer, we are willing to give it to you for only $15


This workbook contains SELF ASSESSMENTS, CARTOON STORIES for reinforcing key lessons, SPACE FOR NOTES for easy access during your sales calls, DIAGRAMS, CHARTS, MOST IMPORTANT "KEY TAKEAWAYS" from The Sales Pro Book and Video Lessons, and MORE!


Normally, we sell this workbook for $150, however, we believe in adding value to you and seeing you grow into the best sales professional we know you are capable of, so we are GIVING this to you for... $15

Sales Guide Workbook

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