How do you get in the mindset of the top 1% of the most successful people in the world?


By learning how to communicate effectively, build trust, and pull people towards you FAST in a highly competitive market. 


12,000+ students have benefited from the content of this course regardless of their education level, industry, and prior experience.


What You Will Learn

The course represents foundational principles of selling - principles that no one else is teaching but which are the absolute backbone of sales success. My intent is to trigger a willingness for the real you to “wake up” or “move forward” through skills and techniques that support your personal evolution into becoming an even better version of who you are, or perhaps change to become the person or sales person you always wanted to be.



6 Powerful Lessons Revealed


  • ESTABLISHING TRUST – Learn how the most effective negotiators and communicators naturally and immediately connect to their client through an unseen flow of energy that increases the speed of decision!

  • SELLING VALUE – Outsell the competition and increase your order profitability through identifying, positioning and communicating your intrinsic value that moves your client to take action!

  • ELEVATING VALUE – Learn how to create and communicate your extrinsic value ensuring that every client interaction is a positive experience, while presenting yourself as a resource, not a commodity!

  • AUTHENTIC INFLUENCE – Learn how to define your thinking, realize and communicate your true value and emotionally connect to your client to enable a deeper and more loyal connection that moves the sale forward!

  • BELIEF – Professional Selling is about building trust. Learn how to incorporate and communicate the hidden power of belief that enables your client to psychologically connect and be pulled into “wanting” what you are offering!

  • SELLING RESULTS – Learn how to transition from Features, Functions, Benefits and open the mind of your prospective customer, gain their trust and emotionally achieve their acceptance (“buy-in”) to commit to the sale by focusing on Results!



"It's a good experience to have this training and an eye opener in helping me sell and know how to communicate with my customers" - Eric Akuamoah



"I wasn’t sure what to expect but this is real world information that i honestly believe makes so much sense and will allow me to be less intimidated when I get an objection because of now knowing why I may be getting the objection and how to handle it" - Beryl



"Amazing course and definitely worth the time and value invested. Pragmatic, tested techniques and the instructor sounds like he has embodied the techniques described." -Renu Hunjan



"This Course is very engaging, and topics covered with good examples which helped to relate with real business situations Thank you" - Ritu



"I never looked at my Belief (personal and work) as deep as the Lectures is explaining me to do. I love it.... opens my eyes to a whole new and different belief system. Thank you millions" - Doreen Erasmus



Sales Core Efficiencies - Online Training

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